We are proud to serve your LTL and Truckload requirements to and from Mexico

Since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in 1994, trade between Canada and Mexico is up 550%. 2014 also makes the 70th year anniversary of bilateral relations between the two countries. At JIT Road Transportation, we have made the transport of your LTL and Truckload shipments our specialty. We focus on dry goods and raw materials and run a fleet of modern logistics equipped 53’ tandem trailers for maximum utilization.

We have an established trucking operation connecting Canada and Mexico

We are well insured and equipped with current technology, GPS tracking and in-cab communications. We have a property in El Paso, Texas with bonded warehouse facilities and are also set up in Laredo, Dallas and Los Angeles. It’s a market we’ve continued to improve and expand over the last decade and we are increasing our activity at all key crossings on the Texas and California borders.